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NASA is Not A Space Agency

Exposing 10 of NASA’s deceptions

I’m not expecting you to take my word for it, but after a great deal of research I’ve come to the conclusion NASA is not a space agency. I used to think it was. In fact, until very recently it never occurred to me to scrutinize anything NASA said or did. But now that I’m questioning everything, I’ve discovered abundant evidence everywhere that NASA lies about everything.

1. NASA Lies About the Earth

NASA works hard trying to convince us we live on a spinning ball hurling through space. Yet, all the scientific evidence points to a flat non-rotating earth, including NASA’s own technical documents. I cover this in more detail in my article titled 9 Knowers Who Know the Earth is Flat.

2. NASA Lies About the Sun

According to NASA, the sun is 93 million miles from earth. Yet, if that were the case, then all the crepuscular rays coming through the clouds would appear vertical. Using the actual science of measuring the angles of the suns rays and tracing them to their point of convergence (a.k.a the source) proves the sun is actually quite close — more like 3,000 miles away — and smaller than the earth.

3. NASA Lies About the Stars

NASA tells us the stars are light years away. They say some are so far away that the light we see shining from the star took so long to reach our eyes that it left the star long before we were born. That is nearly unfathomable. It is also completely untrue.

4. NASA Lies About the Moon

NASA says the moon is 238,000 miles from earth. Yet, if that were true, people on earth with commercial cameras wouldn’t be able to zoom in to see the moon so clearly. Like the sun, it is quite near — approximately 3,000 miles above flat earth.

luminescent moon behind thin clouds at night
luminescent moon behind thin clouds at night
Photo of moon by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

5. NASA Lies About the Moon Landings

Even if it were possible to set foot on the surface of the moon, no astronaut ever has. It turns out the Apollo Moon Landings that NASA showed the world between 1969 and 1972 were nothing more than Hollywood movie productions filmed in secret locations here on earth. Wires attached to the astronauts, coupled with the use of slow-motion effects, were used to create the illusion of weightlessness. In this 35-second video showing some unused raw footage of Neil Armstrong about to step down from the lunar module onto the surface of the moon, movie set lighting comes crashing down and people rush in.

6. NASA Lies About the International Space Station

If you haven’t gone into shock over the first five of NASA’s big lies, you can probably handle the news that there is no International Space Station. Inside the supposed ISS, they use harnesses and wires to fake weightlessness. They film the astroNOTs doing whatever they want them to do or say in front of a green screen, blue screen, or chromakey screen. Then, they add the backdrop using images of a fake space station interior.

7. NASA Lies About the Space Shuttle

NASA tells us the Space Shuttle takes supplies and personnel to the ISS. They show the shuttle launch pad, where we see the shuttle is attached to rockets and to what they say is a very large external fuel tank. The rockets appear real, but the external fuel tank that they say is made of steel and weighs 58,000 pounds is actually a blimp.

8. NASA Lies About Mars Exploration

I have no idea how NASA figured out how to send an unmanned space craft to Mars since they admitted they forgot how to get to the moon. Plus, we still don’t have the materials for space craft construction that can withstand the intense heat of the thermosphere. But evidently, NASA decided to go to Mars anyway, without bothering with all those pesky little details.

9. NASA Lies About Satellites

NASA tells us there are thousands of satellites orbiting the earth. However, the only things we have up there are whatever is dangling from helium balloons. Watch this 3-minute video to see what a real “satellite” launch looks like.

10. NASA Lies About What Everything Looks Like

The images NASA shows us of the earth, the stars, and the other so-called “planets” in our fabricated and false solar system are all computer generated. Now that the average person can buy a commercial camera like the Nikon P-900, we can zoom in on the stars ourselves and see what they really look like. And the fact that we can zoom in on them at all is proof they are not light years away, but very close.

NASA = Fraud

NASA is all CGI and Hollywood movie productions. They receive $56 million per day of American taxpayer money and all we get out of it is lies and fakery.

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